Writing gives our Soul a Voice!

If you follow this blog, you know how much I love writing, how I aim to live from my heart as much as possible, and always look for beautiful ways of expressing myself in utmost integrity and alignment with my soul.

Writing gives our soul a voice!

Anna-Karin Bjorklund

Immersing myself in the writing experience helps me reach an incredible state of connection and awareness, but most of all there is a serene inner feeling of contentment – there is a knowing I am on purpose, and I am heard. I have found a way to express myself.

When I write from the heart all communication channels are open. There is inspiration and clarity all around. Little sparkles of fairy dust and divine guidance come to help along the way. I am connected to my higher self, and everything is aligned. I’m getting my thoughts and reflections out of myself, down on paper. It’s an invigorating feeling beyond words!

To me, writing is a sense of achievement and purpose, an outlet for inspiration and creativity, and a form of self-expression for the soul. When I write I feel creative, joyous and excited to share something – and best of all, I’m getting it all out of myself. It’s an incredible process. I truly feel it helps enhance my awareness.

To have many people read our writing is probably not the ultimate reward for most writers, unless of course it’s a writing project for financial reasons – then it’s wonderful and extra fun if lots of people read it! Rather, it’s the process itself. Writing is an art of self expression.

I’ve always been allured by the process of writing, and I knew already at a young age I my first book would be about dreams, and it was! My book, Dream Guidance: Interpret Your Dreams and Create the Life You Deisre,  was published a few years ago now. I wrote it as a tool for helping dreamers working with their own dreams, with a summary introduction to Jungian dream psychology. Having a published book turned out to be a wondrous step in my career. It has really helped me get speaking engagements and media appearances.

I worked as a career writer for some time when I was younger, writing articles about the latest happenings in the aviation industry for the Avmark Aviation Economist. The nature of the writing was different from what I engage in now, but it was still a form of clear self expression, and I can still remember that amazing feeling sending each of my articles off to print.

It’s only really in the last few years that I’ve developed a dedicated writing practice, creating a sacred room for writing in my life. From embarking on ad-hoc writing projects I now have a daily writing practice, and I love how happy and connected it makes me feel. I have found an avenue for self expression. My soul has a voice.

I have recently finished my second book. Writing it was a soul journey in itself. The book is a memoir, but flows with the energy of a novel, and is based on a trip I took to India many years back. It’s inter-fused with spiritual insights, reflections, inspirations, joys and tribulations, and portray my own path of stepping into my power and learning to love myself again, and understand myself with love and compassion by working with my dreams.

Writing is not always an easy process, but once we get there it gives our soul a voice, and showers us with passion, purpose, inspiration and energy!

Until tomorrow,

Love & Gratitude,

Anna-Karin, xo

Anna-Karin Bjorklund, M.A.

Anna-Karin Bjorklund is a Therapist (MFTI) in Newport Beach, California, and the Author of Dream Guidance: Interpret Your Dreams and Create the Life You Desire! She loves sharing her joy and passion for dreams and soul growth, and has been interviewed by Money Magazine and Marie Claire UK, and has also appeared on Fox & Friends, and the Steve Harvey TV Show on NBC.





Author of Dream Guidance: Interpret Your Dreams and Create the Life You Desire!


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