Dreams of being pregnant: A dream interpretation example

Last night I dreamed I was pregnant, and I was so happy that my health insurance covered 100% of the costs – of the entire pregnancy!

Dreams of pregnancy often symbolize life projects that are developing and need our love and attention!

Have you ever dreamed of pregnancy? A beautiful transformation may be underway!

Let’s take a closer look at pregnancy dreams, by using the dream interpretation steps outlined in my book, Dream Guidance:

Step 1: Write down your dream and reflect upon how you felt

As always when it comes to dream work, always begin with asking yourself how you felt in the dream. If you’re pregnant and panicked, that’s a whole different ball game from being pregnant and excited.

In my dream, I was immensely happy to be pregnant, but felt a bit overwhelmed and concerned about the costs associated with all of the upcoming doctors visits.

Step 2:  What type of dream do you think it is?

The majority of our dreams can be described as somewhat subjective, objective, intuitive, or astral. Some dreams may even have elements in each category.

Is the dream here to help you understand an unknown aspect of yourself? (subjective), or is the dream enhancing your awareness about a life situation, and your interactions with others (objective), or is it perhaps conveying guidance messages (intuitive), or is it maybe taking you on a real journey – where you connect with other dream souls and loved ones who have transitioned (astral)?

To me, this dream felt very subjective in nature. I do not believe I am about to get pregnant in the near future (which would have been an intuitive dream). Rather, I see this dream symbolizing something that is developing within me.

Step 3: What associations can you make with the symbols in dream?

By analyzing the dream and taking a closer look at the symbols, we can learn quite a bit about what the dream is telling us. I always say that best dream dictionary is one that we write ourselves! Your higher self is communicating with symbols that make sense to you.

I can identity a few symbols in this dream, including the pregnancy itself, the medical costs, and health insurance.

To me pregnancy is a wonderful life event, filled with creativity and miraculous energy. I associate medical costs with obstacles, obligations, and challenges, whereas health insurance to me stands for security, safety, and trust.

Step 4: How does your dream relate to your life?

Think about how the dream may be reflecting an underlying energy in your life right now.  Dreams are here to enhance our awareness, and they help us grow both emotionally and spiritually – so that we can blossom into the full expression of ourselves, and share our love and light with the world.

Thinking about how the dream relates to our life is a beautiful way of not only honoring our dreams, but really showing our soul that we love and care about ourselves, and that we’re ready to grow on every level.

This dream is very timely in my life right now, as I am currently in the middle of a major life transition, and have been feeling bit overwhelmed with some of the challenges associated with this project, and a bit uncertain about how I am going to finance my new endeavors.

To me, this dream shows me I’m safe! Yes, there will be challenges – but I can trust that all the weight is not on my shoulders. The obstacles are covered and will be taken care of!

I love how our dreams help us build trust in ourselves!

Have you ever dreamed of being pregnant? Think about what was happening in your life when you had the dream!

With Love & Gratitude,

Anna-Karin, xo


Anna-Karin Bjorklund is a writer and dream expert based in Newport Beach, California. An intrepid world traveler, she has lived in five countries and loves exploring different cultures and connecting with people. Her latest book, The Dream Alchemist: A woman’s search for love, bliss and freedom across India, time and dreams, is a memoir based on a spiritual journey to India and the philosophical remnants of stepping into her power and finding the path of self-love. She is also the author of Dream Guidance: Interpret Your Dreams and Create the Life You Desire! Anna-Karin loves sharing her passion for dreams and personal growth with audiences near and far, and has made expert appearances on Fox & Friends, and the Steve Harvey TV Show on NBC, and been interviewed by Orange Coast Magazine, Women’s Running Magazine, Money Magazine, Daily Worth, Marie Claire UK and other media outlets.


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The Dream Alchemist
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Dream Guidance



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