Authentic Vulnerability

Hello Reader!
I would love to express my gratitude to you for being part of both my Dream Guidance and Love Guidance Daily communities, and for sharing your beautiful dedication to writing, reading, soul growth and spiritual connection with the world. I wish you a golden 2018, filled with love, joy and inspiration!
The end of a year and the beginning of a new one opens up the space for some self-reflection. 2017 came with its own set of challenges, both on a personal and collective level, but overall it was a powerful year, where my biggest soul project of my life so far, The Dream Alchemist, was published by Ars Metaphysica / Sunbury Press!

Am I brave enough to be this vulnerable?

Little did I know however how vulnerable and humbling sharing a personal journey could be! There were moments where I even felt reluctant proceeding. I didn’t know if I was brave enough to be as authentic and as vulnerable as I wanted to be.
Another question I often asked myself was, “what if I change my mind about some of the insights in the future? What if I don’t feel the same way 10 years from now?”
Luckily, I decided to breathe through the uncomfortable feelings, and keep plugging away. I am so grateful today that I followed through on my soul project, because writing about my experiences turned into a beautiful process of emotional healing and transformation all around.
I eventually also concluded that it’s okay to change our mind. We are all here to evolve! Once I accepted that it’s really not the end of the world if I no longer resonate with an insight I reached 10 years earlier in my life, a wave of freedom swept in, and this was when I began to feel comfortable being authentic and vulnerable!
Best of all, I love being able to share my story with other seekers like yourself, which is a very rewarding and enriching energy to vibrate in!

What is The Dream Alchemist about?

Flowing like a fun novel, my memoir, The Dream Alchemist, portrays my sacred journey to Southern India, where I stayed in a small ashram, amongst monkeys and temples, lived in silence, and meditated from sunrise to sunset! In the book, I also share some remarkable passages that followed upon returning back to California. For so many years, I was consumed by a restless anxiety without knowing what caused it. It was a big dream that finally helped me see what was truly going on, and eventually helped me rise above the emotional web I had been trapped in for so long!
More than anything The Dream Alchemist invites readers to partake in the miracles that await us when we learn to accept ourselves, live in authenticity, step into our power, honor our dreams, and walk the path of self-love! That is the real essence of golden dream alchemy!
I invite you to check it out, read a few sample chapters, and get a copy if you would like to read the full story! It is available in paperback and Kindle.

Read a sample chapter!

Personal, inspirational, and authentic, this book is a delightful treat – it’s sprinkled with lots of humor, and filled with wonder!

Remarkable journey!

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