Dream & Believe
The Celestial Art of Creating in Soul Alignment

A new book by
Anna-Karin Björklund

In her new book, Dream & Believe, Anna-Karin lovingly invites you to expand into the celestial frequency of your soul’s home, as you remember your highest purpose and gracefully begin to fulfill the dream of your soul.

Dream & Believe is an inspirational book that sprinkles luminous pixie dust over your imagination, while also helping you flow and grow through setbacks and challenging times. This is ultimately a book about remembering your inner connection, and living in sacred soul alignment.

Are you ready to experience a higher sense of fulfillment?

Dream & Believe introduces you to the golden plane of possibilities – a highly vibrational frequency where you are invited to co-create your own master blueprint for imagining, visualizing, and manifesting your dreams.

Filled with ruminative affirmations and soul-filled practices, Dream & Believe lovingly illuminates your soul dream, and invites you to share your light with the world.


Dream and Believe is a jewel-like book of warmth and wisdom. Anna-Karin Björklund encourages you to embrace the alchemy of transformation and manifestation and dream your heart’s desire into being! 

~ Clare R. Johnson, PhD, author of The Art of Lucid Dreaming and Mindful Dreaming

Learn to co-create your own master blueprint for manifesting your dreams with the aid of this marvelous book from Anna-Karin Björklund.  Your future awaits you!

~ Jean Campbell – author of Group Dreaming

Reading Anna-Karin Björklund’s book Dream & Believe is like bathing in a balm of loving, light-filled, sunshine. An absolute joy to read, Dream & Believe especially directs those new to the wonders of dream exploration toward a path of inner healing, knowing, and imagining their best, most fulfilling lives from the inside out. With sing-song affirmations throughout, we are reminded that listening closely to our dreams can return the powerful imaginations we once knew as children. Björklund takes her readers on a journey through the importance and power of psychospiritual development such as yoga and meditation and its impact on our relationship to dreams, sleep hygiene suggestions, and compassion for life’s setbacks. Inspired by the ancients, she develops these ideas based on her personal experiences, sage wisdom, and a sprinkle of pixie dust. The takeaway from Dream & Believe is that self-care, deeply and authentically integrating dreamwork, spirituality, and inner growth, eventually reflects out in support of greater service to the world. Healing is really needed in the world today, and I applaud Anna-Karin Björklund for sharing her radiant inner light in the service of that healing.

 ~ Angel Morgan, PhD, President, International Association for the Study of Dreams

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