By Anna-Karin Björklund M.A.

Meditation does wonders for our soul growth. There are many different types of meditations, and no matter where you are on your own journey of soul growth, any practice that helps extend your energy field is always going to bring wondrous benefits – with positive reverberations in all areas of your life. Here you will find a guided energy-expanding meditation you can try for yourself.

Blossoming into a master meditator may take practice and dedication, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. Soul growth is really all about living in flow, and with flow I mean living each day from a place of soul alignment. When you are making decisions from a higher state of consciousness in a state of celestial soul alignment, you are ultimately making decisions that are not only for your own highest good, but for the highest good of the entire planet.

In the guided meditation below, the object is to open your heart, and ultimately expand your energy field. This is where you will begin to remember your connection with your soul’s home – I think of this as expanding into the golden field of your soul’s home.
Here are two meditative practices for expanding your energy, and flowing through the day in soul alignment.




  1. Open the Heart

Gratitude is a powerful heart opener. Find a comfortable seated position. Soften your gaze or close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and remind yourself of something you feel grateful for right now. If you can’t think of anything, a good start is being grateful for your vision or hearing. You can also create categories of things to be grateful for, such as friendships, family, flowers, nature, books – and then list an abundance of items you are grateful for in each category. Gracefully keep making lists of everything you are grateful for.

Once you feel the gratitude flowing in your heart, you can begin adding other things you would love to be grateful for – perhaps there is something you truly wish for, or maybe you wish to extend an intention of healing for a loved one. Whatever you wish is, imagine that it has already happened. If you are having a difficult time believing in your dream as already fulfilled, take a moment to experience a sense of joyous relief in your heart. Think of a moment when you felt euphorically relieved. Now tap into this feeling and re-experience it while visualizing your highest dreams as having come true.

Gratitude can be practiced throughout the day. Remind yourself to abundantly express your gratitude – until it becomes second nature. Then do it even more! The best time for reflecting upon what you are grateful for is when you lay yourself to sleep. The consciousness you go to sleep with, is also the consciousness you bring into your dreams. Going to bed in a state of gratitude is one of the best gifts you can give yourself on your own journey of soul growth. 

  1. Expand Your Energy

When you have lots of thoughts circling around, they can weigh you down and impact your energy levels. It can also be difficult to focus clearly on what it is you truly want. You may even divert your attention to something you don’t want at all. Meditation helps calm your mind, opens up the energy flow, and powerfully helps clear the way for miracles to come your way.

Sit in a comfortable crossed-legged position. Close your eyes or softly focus your gaze. Keeping your arms bent at the elbows, with your lower arms parallel to the floor, and hands facing each other, slowly begin to move your hands closer together without touching, and then out again. Repeat this movement until you begin to feel an energy field forming between your hands. Imagine how this loving energy ball is your soul. Soften your touch and let the field expand. Feel yourself become one with this field. Your mind, body, and soul are now aligned. When you make a wish from this loving place of divine alignment, it will always be in resonance with your inner soul dream.  

You can find more inspirational exercises and affirmations for living in flow and soul alignment in my book, Dream and Believe: The Celestial Art of Creating in Soul Alignment

Anna-Karin Björklund, M.A. is an author and a teacher of dreams and spirituality. She is also a certified yoga teacher (E-RYT 200, RYT-500), a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP), and a certified reiki master. She holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology, and is also past Board Chair of theThe International Association for the Study of Dreams, IASD. A regular contributor in the media, she has been featured on goop, Money, and Marie Claire, and has also appeared on NBC, CBS, and FOX. She is the author of Dream and Believe: The Celestial Art of Creating in Soul Alignment; and Dream Guidance: Interpret Your Dreams and Create the Life You Desire; and The Dream Alchemist: A Woman’s Search for Love, Bliss, and Freedom across India, Time and Dreams.

Remembering Your Soul Dream

When you make a wish from a place of celestial soul alignment,
it will always be in resonance with your soul dream!

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