Ready to soar

In the warming rays of the sun, her home is enlightened, she no longer feels poor, and is no longer frightened, Everything is so bright, her senses have been heightened, she takes a step out the door, this girl is ready to soar Advertisements

Honor your dreams and tap into an ocean of wisdom!

Learn how to connect mindfully with your dreams and tap into an ocean of inner wisdom! Your dreams play a vital part of your life, and embracing your dreams can help you develop a deeper sense of connection, fulfillment and happiness, and also bring about physical healing. By listening to your dreams you discover unknown Continue reading Honor your dreams and tap into an ocean of wisdom!

A Journey of inner empowerment

The Dream Alchemist: Experience the freedom that comes from stepping into our power, listening to our dreams and believing in ourselves. On the outside her life looks picture perfect. She has an admirable career with adventurous travels around the world, but on the inside she is consumed by a restless anxiety, and yearns for something Continue reading A Journey of inner empowerment