Eternal Love

It is time to listen to our heart, be gentle and compassionate with not only people around us, but also ourselves, and above all honor our dreams in all that we do, and stay connected with the eternal love that flows within and around us.


Life is built on change. Only be developing a sense of non-attachment can we ever obtain real freedom. Emotional bliss is found when we let go, and see challenges as new beginnings.


In the midst of political tension, where manipulation dominate beyond comprehension, people I once called friends, have shown their true perception, as they conduct themselves with disgrace, mistreating women and immigrants, to save their own face if you resonate with love, the time is here to show the world loud and clear, the only thing Continue reading I AM LOVE


Two monks dressed in golden robes, turn their heads up and smile knowingly as they say, “It’s the little things in life, all your small reactions – that create your Karma. I sigh and wonder what has brought on this drama, and what I can do to clear my karma. The monks keep smiling, gently Continue reading Karma