If you are interested in learning more about transformational life coaching, you are welcome to schedule a 10-minute introductory session where you can ask more questions about the program, and meet with Anna-Karin in person.

Dream Guidance / Transformational Life Coaching

The most loving gift we can give ourselves is honoring our inner soul connection. When we are aligned with our soul, we feel happier, more inspired, and more peaceful. We are more aware and we meet everyone from a place of love and compassion.

When you dream and believe, you create, live, and dream from a place of soul alignment. In a private session with Anna-Karin you will be invited to embrace your inner guidance, including dream symbols, dream encounters, emotional reactions, synchronicities, and illuminating insights. Anna-Karin’s sessions bring about magnificent transformation with beautiful guidance and direction – learn how to consciously enter your dreams, connect with your higher self, understand yourself with more compassion, embrace your soul connection, and walk the path of love.

Sessions include an enchanting blend of dream guidance, dream and believe life coaching, and yoga teachings.

One session is 1 hour.