Dream Flow Yoga

Self-study through reflection, dream work, and meditative practices helps you remember your connection with your soul's home and blossom into who you truly are. When you align yourself with this golden celestial frequency and begin living from this sacred place, you experience the magnificence of wholeness. It is here that you remember your higher purpose, and begin to live the dream of your soul.

An abundance of energies open up – and you live, dream, and create in flow!


How do the asanas in yoga help us?

The asanas of yoga open up the energy flow, and have physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Yoga asanas help prepare us for even deeper meditation experiences, and ultimately help prepare us on our path towards Samadhi, the ultimate blissful state of spiritual, connected consciousness.

Dream work and yoga

Dream work helps us observe and practice the first two limbs of yoga, the Yamas and Niyamas. These steps become easier to master when we awaken each morning with a compassionate soul connection. Ultimately dreams help us reach even more advanced levels on the eight limbs of yoga, by lovingly preparing us for higher spiritual states.