Miraval Life in Balance Spa

Dream Sessions, Chakra Balancing, Meditation

Dreams help us detox impressions and release emotional blockages.

Meet with Anna-Karin at Miraval Life in Balance Spa at Monarch Beach Resort and practice the art of mindfully and consciously raising your awareness both in waking and dreaming life. Anna-Karin is a Specialist with Miraval, where she offers one-one-one sessions, classes, and inspirational retreats and workshops.

One-on-one sessions include Dream Sessions, Meditation, and Crystal Reiki Chakra Balancing

To schedule a reservation with Anna-Karin, please contact Miraval Life in Balance Spa directly at 1-800-722-1543.


Crystal Reiki Chakra Balancing

Enter a serene space of pure relaxation, love, bliss, and wonder, with healing Reiki sessions infused with crystalline energy. Connect with your source, as your chakras are balanced and your energy is boosted all around.

Dream Guidance


Expand your inner wisdom, confidence, creativity, and happiness all around, as you honor the messages, lessons, feelings, and initiations in your dreams. Learn how to lovingly illuminate and accept unknown aspects of yourself, as you begin to connect with you higher soul dream.


Embark on a loving journey of soul alignment with a celestial meditation. As you release into the field of golden light, you will ever so softly expand your consciousness like the sun.