A Woman's Search for Love, Bliss, and Freedom across India, Time, and Dreams

Welcome on a Spiritual Journey!

A heart-warming memoir filled with laughter, mindful reflection, and golden treasures, The Dream Alchemist is a delightful story about a woman’s adventurous quest for spiritual growth. 

Join Anna-Karin on her intrepid travels to India, step into blissful meditation halls and majestic temples, embark on sacred trips on the Indian countryside, and listen to enchanting conversations with dasas.

The Dream Alchemist portrays a wondrous journey of inner empowerment, personal growth, and soul connection.  Gracious, eloquent, and authentic, this book is a delightful read for the soul. 

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A Spiritual Retreat

If you’re in the mood for going on an imaginary spiritual retreat, you may enjoy The Dream Alchemist. More than half of the book takes place at a small ashram in Southern India, and it truly is a sacred story about devotion, and choosing a path of spiritual awakening.